What we do

Design and Drawings

We can provide a range of designs and drawings varying in detail depending on your requirements and budget.

A complete new design for the whole garden

Plans full of ideas to help you makeover your garden

Planting Plans to help you renovate a border

Suggestions for specific requirements, such as hedging, screening or seating areas

Plants and Planting
We find the right plants to suit your garden or site, whatever the location and situation.
We can source the right plants for you from local and national suppliers at competitive rates.
We can also set out and plant-up everything within the designs and planting plans, or just lend a helping hand.

Horticultural Help
Following completion of a garden or planting design we can provide the plant care needed to keep your new garden or border looking beautiful all year round as well as helping out with any other horticultural advice and plant guidance you need.

We work closely with skilled local contractors to deliver any designs or garden features that you want.


Creating a Design
Depending on your requirements some or all of the steps below will be involved.

The on-site consultation is a vital starting point to any design help that you need. It helps to establish what your specific garden requirements are and what sort of design you would like. The consultation also allows us explain the design process and show you our portfolio of current work.

Site Survey
A site survey may be undertaken, detailing all measurements, including garden features and plants, soil type and garden aspect.

Based on the consultation and site survey, ideas and initial plans can be sketched out and presented to you for discussion.

Design - Creative
Draft plans are drawn up based on the ideas, sketches and discussion.

Design – Final
When you are happy with the draft plans, a Masterplan is created detailing your new Garden Design, which can include planting plans and elevations to illustrate the design.

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Sarah was very effective at translating the students’ ideas into a definitive plan…
Penrice Community College